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We have in our inventory over 250 different linens in all sizes. We have basic poly/cotton table linens in 100 different colors. Also luxury linens in silk and velvet, heavy damask, brocades, organza’s, lame, crushed voile, shimmer fabrics, tuxedo stripes, satin stripes, eternity stripes, floral prints and many styles of chair covers.



Linens are available in the follow sizes:

Rounds (Tables)

70″ round

90″ round

108″ round

120″ round

132″ round

Squares (Tables)

54″ x 54″

60″ x 60″

72″ x 72″

80″ x 80″

90″ x 90″

Banquets (Tables)

60″ x 90″

60″ x 120″

72″ x 144″

90″ x 132″

90″ x 156″

108″ x 156″


10 1/2 ft

13 1/2 ft

17 ft

21 ft

13 1/2′ x 42″


10″ x 10″

20″ x 20″

20″ x 20″

20″ x 20″

Table Runners

6’ Table (12’x96″)

8’ Table (12’ x 120″)

T-Drapes (Fitted)

For 6’ rect table

For 8’ rect table

Serpentine Fitted Drapes

6’ Drape

8’ Drape

Chair Covers


Catering Linens

Specialty &
Themed Linens

 Aisle Runners

White, Ivory and Red

25’x 4’

50’ x 4’

75’ x 4’

100’ X 4’


White & Red

25’ X 4’

50’ X 4’

75’ X 4’

100’ X 4’

Linen Types and Colors:

Polyester-Solids Ribbon-Circle-Taffeta Prints
Solid Color Polyester

White, Ivory, Beige, Camel, Khaki, Maize, Lemon, Goldenrod, Gold, Peach, Coral, Watermelon, Pumpkin, Orange, Burnt Orange, Copper, Terra Cotta, Olive, Canteen, Brown, Light Olive, clover, Celadon, Seamist, Mint, Lime,, Kelly, Moss, Hunter, Forest, Aqua, Turquoise, Jade, Teal, Light Blue, Powder Blue, Slate, Periwinkle, Royal, Dark Blue, Navy, Light Pink, Pink, Dusty Rose, Mauve, Fuchsia, Hot Pink, Raspberry, Ruby, Burgundy, Red, Cherry Red, Lilac, Amethyst, Claret, Plum, Purple, Eggplant, Grey, Charcoal, Black, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Tangerine, Neon Orange and Neon Pink.

Ribbon Taffeta

White, Ivory, Brown, Orange, Fuchsia, Lime/Fuchsia, Lime, Willow, Blue/Brown, White/Black and Black/White.

Circle Taffeta

Gold, Brown, Orange, Valentine, Red, Silver and Black.


Red Bandana, Blue Bandana, Black/White Awning, Red/White Awning, Black Dot, White Dot, Leopard, Zebra, Racing, Red Stars, Blue Stars, Golf, Sports, Plaid, Santa, Jingle.

Poly-Satin-Stripe-Sparkle-Organza Poly-lace-Tissue-Lame-Poly-check Pintuck-Bengaline-Moire
Poly Satin

White, Ivory, Peach, Gold, Copper, Brown, Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Burgundy, Lilac, Purple, Plum, Hunter, Teal, Royal, Navy, Silver and Black.

Sparkle Organza

White, Ivory, Maize, gold, Brown, Peach, Pink, Raspberry, Red, Burgundy, Lilac, Purple, Hunter, Mint, golden Olive, Bronze, Sage, Light Blue, Royal, Navy, Silver and Black.

Poly Stripe

White, Ivory, Beige, gold, Brown, Peach, Pink, Lilac, Mauve, Raspberry, Red, Burgundy, Seamist, Teal, Hunter, Forest, Periwinkle, Royal, Navy, Purple, Grey and Black.

Poly Lace

White and Ivory

Lame & Tissue Lame

Gold, Silver, Black, Hot Pink, Copper, Purple, Aqua, Tur-quoise, Royal, Plum, Green and Red.

Poly Check Linen

Red, Hunter, Maize, Royal and Black


White, Ivory, Wheat, Gold, Copper, Brown, Sage, Moss, Willow, Light Pink, Violet, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Orange, Red, Silver and Black.

Bengaline Moire

White, Ivory, Camel, Lemon, Gold, Mango, Burnt Orange, Brown, Fuchsia, Purple, Red, Burgundy, Apple, Sage, Kelly, Hunter, Turquoise, Royal, Silver and Black.

Other-Fabrics-Shine Other-Fabrics Spandex-Sequins
Other Fabrics

Gabrielle Wisteria, La Scala, Permission, Sangria, Topaz Cinnamon, Topaz Green, Copper Lame, Purple Lame, Aqua Lame, Turquoise Lame, Royal Lame

Other Fabrics

Antique Fruit, Fiesta, Tropical, Water Reef, Bamboo, Velour Purple, Versailles Gold, Versailles Light Gold, Peking Dragon, Gabrielle Sage.


White, Ivory, Lemon, Gold, Brown, Hunter, Red, Royal, Navy, Purple, Silver, Black, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Pink & Racing.


White/Silver, Gold, Turquoise, Lime, Fuchsia, Silver and Black.

Matte-Satin Lattice Krinkle
Matte Satin

White, Ivory, Maize, Lemon, Camel, Wheat, gold, coral, Orange, Copper, Brown, Sage, Light Olive, Apple, Hunter, Light Blue, Aqua, Turquoise, Periwinkle, Royal, Navy, Light Pink, Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Ruby, Burgundy, Lilac, Purple, Eggplant, Silver and Black.


White, Ivory, Aqua, Clover, Moss, Silver, Violet, Fuchsia, Copper and Brown.

Embroidered Organza

Ivory, White and Sage.


White, Ivory, Beige, Nectarine, Orange, Copper, Brown, Sage, Apple, Moss, Valentine, Red, Watermelon, Fuchsia, Pink, Violet, Light Blue, Royal, Silver and Black.

Kaleidoscope-Metallic-Scroll Iridescent-Crush Eternity-Crushed

Maize, Wheat, Brown, Khaki, Fire Orange, Papaya

Metallic Scroll

White/Silver, Black/Silver, Turquoise/Silver, Lime/Silver, Orange/Silver, Pink/Silver

Iridescent Crush

White, Ivory, Camel, Beige, Maize, Light Pink, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Champagne, Copper, Brown, Sage, Pink/Lime, Chartreuse, Lime, Olive, Moss, Violet, Orange, Valentine, Red, Watermelon, Fuchsia, Raspberry, Claret, Purple, Gold/Turquoise, Teal, Turquoise, Royal, Silver and Black.


White, Ivory, Gold, Brown, Sage, Pink, Lilac, Periwinkle, Burgundy, Periwinkle, Forest, Butter, Ruby, Pink, Beige, Silver and Black.

Damask Cottn-eze Chopin-Beethoven

Wellington: White, Ivory, Gold, forest, Navy, Burgundy and Black.Doncaster: White, Ivory, Gold, Burgundy, Navy, Hunter and Black.

Somerset:: White, Ivory, Plum, Burgundy, Brown, Hunter, Gold and Black.


White, Ivory, Beige, Camel, Maize, Lemon, Gold, Orange, Terra Cotta, Brown, Light Olive, Seamist, Lime, Kelly, Forest, New Forest, Aqua, Turquoise, Teal, Light Blue, Periwinkle, Royal, Navy, Peach, Pink, Light Pink, Dusty Rose, Raspberry, Red, Cherry Red, Burgundy, New Burgundy, Lilac, Claret, Purple, Grey, Black.


Antique White, Ivory, Camel, Willow, Gold/Sage, Black/Silver, Burgundy/Gold, Turquoise/Gold, Red


Black/Silver, Burgundy/Gold, Turquoise/Gold, Red, Antique White, Ivory, Camel, Willow, Gold/Sage

 Antique  Eternity-Crushed
Other Fabrics

Antique Fruit, Fiesta, Tropical, Water Reef, Bamboo, Velour Purple, Versailes Light Gold, Versailes Gold, Peking Dragon, Gabrielle Sage, Gabrielle Wysteria, La Scala Persimmon, Sangria, Topaz Cinnamon, Topaz Green.

Crushed Velour

White, Ivory, Hunter, Burgundy, Red, Royal, Navy, Purple and Black.


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